Season — Augmented Spoken Word

Hey all, Check out my spoken word work:     For those that like to read along:           Spring   Broken brown bits,  crisp crumbles of last year’s green and several dozen types of leaves, crust over spring growth. Like asthmatic ash from Vesuvius Killing whole swathes of grass roots and […]

W is for….Winter Chill

Cuddle under a favorite quilt slide into slippers left on a radiator dive between sheets fresh from the dryer or burrow deep in a winter coat against the wind as if delivered into waiting arms of mother, mothfather, guardian, protector. ~~~~ Sorry I recycled this from prior to the A to Z Challenge….I have company […]

The Trail — A Poem about Enjoying Late Fall Nature

Walking in waist to shoulder Frost crowned grass standing Silent, still, and stiff the first to thaw and dry in the weak late year sun A forest within the forest On a frozen November morning Hard rutted truck tracks, Tread design clearly visible Like dinosaur footprints Serve as finely fossilized records Of slick rain soaked […]

Cold — A Poem to Read in August

Breath hard and heavy, stumbling still sleepy, along old overgrown road, cutting through dark woods, tripping over logs long rotten, toward a night hidden stand lashed in marraige to old oak. The November morning grey seeps into pre-dawn gloom while sitting in the soft slow sway of my metal perch as shadow like trees stand […]

Back Into Poetry

For a number of years I buried myself in various vices and as such have ignored those things that brought me satisfaction and even joy — essentially I let my bad habits slowly pack up those things I used to do and love and quietly stash them away in dark places where they were out-of-sight […]