get it packed got everything check the list again forgot something go back in grab it and run fire up the car get on the road remember something something small go without not important or buy it later stop for tacos back on the road windows down music loud whipping wind heading north almost there […]


Here, sitting in my cube trying to be, still here, just here, still and quiet with the Grateful Dead “Don’t murder me, I beg of you don’t murder me, please don’t murder me” Trying to do, here, nothing here, but listen, shut out inside  voice, emails there and their instant messages. “I was born in the desert […]

Recurring Childhood Nightmare.

A childhood nightmare that rewinds itself every so often standing in the lot of some nowhere diner Parent’s stopped before your pained bladder emptied on the coffee stained worn out 67 chevy impala bench backseat Too much A+W Rootbeer from a grandmother who gave you another can because she didn’t have to ride 180 miles […]