often, like identical snowflakes we form the same thought snowflakes generated apart under differing influence but yet the same in shape size and intricate pattern said not to be possible but I have seen it myself right there, when you text saying, pick up xzy or abc and it’s already in the cart or when […]

Fresh Snow

Fresh white sheet on a newly made bed smooth and featureless save for lonely large prints meandering wild and drunkenly toward a far and distant darkening thick woods shrouded in evening light where prints quickly dissolve among shadows like thoughts caught between awake and asleep

Depressed and feeling it.

Sorry to anyone that faithfully follows or looks forward to my new poems (is there anyone like that?), as I haven’t been really “with it” since I last had a spate of inspiration.  Since then I have kinda swung into a depressive state and my productivity all around is a bit lacking. Anyone with major depression or […]

Caught — On a musical Experiment

This a poem, primary about a song I am working on (which you can hear here ), but also about thoughts in general. Caught like a question forming itself into a firm shape to be quickly kicked sidewalks off kilter then smeared slightly until obscured behind itself it peeks through then hides amongst the grey caught until […]

Dry Spell

Right now I am struggling through a writing dry spell.  Normally when this happens I switch to some other creative endeavor for some period of time, particularly music — but that’s not happened this time.  Thinking I am struggling with a low-grade depression.  Hmm.. Anyway here’s a photo I just took to look at and […]

Time is funny thing….

There are few things I like more than seeing the ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ pile up after I post poems, fiction, or just stuff.  Not because I want to have hundreds of followers, or need the ‘likes’ to validate my existence….but because it is represents another connection with someone I have never met. Through writing, reading, critiquing we can connect where otherwise we never would […]

On Being Surprised

Good morning (or whatever time it is when you are reading this). I wanted to take a quick time out from poetry and the A to Z Blog Challenge and just say the following: I am very surprised at the amount of the likes and followers I (though mostly my poetry) has garnered in the […]

Thoughts Bugs

Got that itch, that little tickle. At the base of the neck lower really, between the shoulders. Building there, festering and spreading Little microbes of feeling multiplying and burrowing under the skin. A seething mass putrid thought amoeba, pregnant with pain and old emotions. Trapped and trapping me looking for escape. Drugs numbed and drink […]