Waiting for the Storm

Drowning in throat coating dust dragging deep dry breathes thick through burning nose down into dry lashed lungs on arid August afternoons with lawn long gone brown the sandy soil scorched naked wind whipping up small dust devils plastering particles of sand to sweat soak on skin exposed to reddening low slung searing sun and […]

Sun Shunned Days

Cold bitter waters wash over slick wooden edges in sprays of fear – frigid and tiny little piercings of pin-pricks of wet pain weary and numb worn limbs, as darkness masks the icy swales of this emotional torrent. clinging to the storm shaken lifeboat barely buoyant breath held on heaving swales, praying to any god that listens […]

Sailing on Emotions — A Poem about Struggles with Depression

   Rough waters wash over slick  wooden slivered edges Spilling frigid waters of fear and little pin-pricks of pain  to weary and numb worn limbs, in the deepening darkness of this emotional torrent,  meyself,  like a storm shaken life boat barely bouyant  sailing between swales, searching skies for signs  of an eventual end to  these sun shunned days.     ~~~~ […]

Dusk on Balsam Lake, WI

Sun surrenders and drops down in the water sky turns shades of fall foliage Muted rustling of leaves, laying in wait insects hold their breath A whisper of a storm tiptoes in the air A massive mirror, the lake a pebble tossed wouldn’t upset it’s calm. Even fish  admire it’s beauty and do not to […]