Spring Emotions

Rich rain smell scent of melting snow Usher departure of deep rooted frost saturated bedding for browned blades grass loose-rooted gently nudged awake by sun’s growing fever. I, long asleep, winter wrapped, reach tired arms, achingly, toward you, toward your warmth, to melt deeply rooted frosts of anger and loosely rooted spears of fear

A Study in Alluvial Science in the Gutter Out Front

Cold clean clear rivulets of a long past snow storm run a crooked line merging, diverging and merging around a bottle cap–a barren flat topped manmade island– or grains of sands that tumble like boulders in glacial run off collecting and creating countless drumlins in miniature chunks of shovel loosed grass form dense archipelagos near a vast waterfall falling fast from a […]

Season — Augmented Spoken Word

Hey all, Check out my spoken word work:     For those that like to read along:           Spring   Broken brown bits,  crisp crumbles of last year’s green and several dozen types of leaves, crust over spring growth. Like asthmatic ash from Vesuvius Killing whole swathes of grass roots and […]

Zephyr — A Poem about March Winds (that came in April this year).

Ruckus winds rustle up dust and pollen Much to my red-eyed stuffy nosed chagrin Blowing snow mold from greening grasses and picking up Spring’s pouring puddles placing them in soft slow cumulus clouds that patrol above like sentinels on watch over birds scouting for nesting real estate and us walking the recently unclothed yard hunting […]

Elegy for Innocence

Once a sweet breath of light spring clear air drawn early in the morning as damp dew cool and fresh touches toes in wet Keds that run in morning fields, to evening woods so large they must not be on any map remain unexplored and mysterious Until one day Ked’s don’t fit beat, ragged and […]