Floating on foam with a memory under cover of aviary clothes Pulled up just right to chin Laying on snoreless left side Preventing midnight elbowings adhesive strip stuck to nose Mean morning siren set to blow at the time it was told to go it’s screech bottled for now Two mutts curled on pillows running […]

Body Confused

Thoughts struggle To be realized As brain is blank – empty mentally I could say, “I am feeling off” Or that something doesn’t quite Fit Limbs are wound up tight and ready To go, leg bouncing With excess Energies leaking Thoughly and fully Misplaced Soft sheets call a firm pillow Shouts to me over 10 […]

It’s Okay

It’s okay until it’s time to go to bed until the place fills with silence so loud it drowns out the voice in my head telling me to relax and let go and relax and let go and relax and let go. ins


Dark nights bark out into the dying dusk. gunpowder sky winks secrets Men lay on beds of grassy intellect Dogs whisper to each other as night intrudes upon their kennel and chain life Children lie awake in crib and bunk bed sleepy land gasping at queer shadows. Mothers comfort them with soft words Sisters and […]