Season — Augmented Spoken Word

Hey all, Check out my spoken word work:     For those that like to read along:           Spring   Broken brown bits,  crisp crumbles of last year’s green and several dozen types of leaves, crust over spring growth. Like asthmatic ash from Vesuvius Killing whole swathes of grass roots and […]

Fall — A Poem about Frailty

Fall fell sudden a broken arrow from an old archer’s palsied hand Leaves crisp brittle as ancient bones tumble desperate In the yard Catch on the lawn a stick, a puddle fence post any thing that holds. ~~~~~ A little outta season, I know, but it is my favorite of seasons.

Elegy for Innocence — A Poem about Growing Up

Once sweet breath of light spring clear air drawn in early morning damp as dew cool and fresh touches toes in wet Keds that run in morning fields to evening woods so large and unexplored unmapped and mysterious until Ked’s don’t fit beat, ragged and worn easy spring breath turns to asthmatic August gasps heavy […]