Petals – A Re-write

Petals once — dead — once not but — red — Hanging once — crisp — once in a while — falling — to the naked floor — once — a still rose — rests — still erect in a — vase — with water still – milky — brown, smelling — sweet — like an dry old rose — still — red-like […]

Petals — A Poem about Roses and Lips

Petals once dead but red once Hanging crisp – falling once in a while to the floor once in a while a rose still rests in a vase with water still – turned milky and brown still smelling rose sweet So red – evening burning sun or swollen lips turned red by kisses blood red […]

Critique Request

So, this one is a draft, feel free to tear it apart…give it your best honest opinion< i know personally a few line still don’t ‘feel’ right to me and I keep monkeying with it, but I thought I’d see if anyone would by and critique online. Petals Petals dead still red Hanging crisp – […]