Signs in Florence

Unexplored streets invite curious minds a combination of ancient and modern walking in Medici’s steps down Piazza della Republica past bastions of capitalism seemingly out of place in the old old buildings heading toward Ponte Vecchio across the river to shop in shops filled with tchotchke and turning right instead of left we wander uphill past houses old, […]


Strawberry Root Weevil

Long snouted brownish black little weevils following no track traverse the great green plain From corner to window pane searching for what, god knows stopping quickly as if to dose it’s like a strange party for bugs and surely there are no drugs they just walk and dance along in our bathroom, where they belong

Season — Augmented Spoken Word

Hey all, Check out my spoken word work:     For those that like to read along:           Spring   Broken brown bits,  crisp crumbles of last year’s green and several dozen types of leaves, crust over spring growth. Like asthmatic ash from Vesuvius Killing whole swathes of grass roots and […]

Caught — On a musical Experiment

This a poem, primary about a song I am working on (which you can hear here ), but also about thoughts in general. Caught like a question forming itself into a firm shape to be quickly kicked sidewalks off kilter then smeared slightly until obscured behind itself it peeks through then hides amongst the grey caught until […]

Sleeping in a Crowded Bed

Your clinging companion, Your forever worsening pain brushes against me laying awake like something has joined us in bed driving you deeper deeper into your despair and my deepening helplessness I lay awake listening to you sobbing You trying to ignore the throbbing Of your malevolent muscles locked like gritting teeth under foreign skin, pulling […]

Let’s Explore — Doors — A Cycle of Doors

The door on the floor below the third, where I work never opens, locked tight against my prying curiosity, driving the fantasy of outlandish accompanying stories to strange concocted mental images. Like giant blinking, pulsing masses of bits Of circuit boards inextricably intertwined With mounds of Giger-like living organs Computing possibilities of improbable events, such […]

Let’s Explore — Doors

I have been thinking a lot about doors lately, and think I want explore doors as a concept in my writing over the next few days, or however long my fascination lasts…. They are so seemingly innocuous, but really anything could be behind them. They raise a lot of questions, when one thinks about them closely, such as: […]

The Struggles of Memory

Thoughts drip down and away into a river jammed with memories like logs packed together and raging from top of open mind to the closed bottom groaning under pressure and their own desire to be free of the banks and confines of the mind to sail alone, peacefully, one at a time like a swimmer […]

Old Poetry and Fiction

What do you all think?  Should I transcribe my really old (awful) poetry as posts on here?  What about old fiction, maybe break it up into daily chunks?  Some of the fiction is passable…:) Let me know, and I will follow suit!

Technical Difficults — really a PIBKAC error

Sorry about the confusion and double posts and stuff….my posts weren’t showing up on the reader, i think cuz I was playing with an external host and trying different things. Anyway, I said to hell it with and went straight WordPress, much easier and I reach all your fine folks, so you can (enjoy) read(ing) […]