Shameless Self-Promotion

I know I mostly post about poetry, my music, and other arts, but I also do what I consider a different form of poetry, gardening.  A finely constructed garden is like a poem or a perfect painting.  There’s a musical element even, in the rhythms of the flow of plans in the breeze.  It all […]

Another Song Start

I still have to figure out how to clean up the rough edges on these songs, but at least you can get the picture of how I am figuring out how to use the nonokey2….soon I will have to graduate to my full keyboard. Check it out!

Does the tone of music produces say anything about mood?

As someone that struggles with bipolar disorder, I find music impacts me at a very visceral level.  I don’t know how it is for ‘normies” (i.e. people without mental or emotion disorders), but music can, and often does, impact my mood in very intense ways. That said, it’s not always as you might think.  When […]

Isolation Cubed

Shedding the harried here — this exact Monday moment Sitting in at a dirty desk, alone in claustrophobic cubeland and yet strangely surrounded, with phone ring melodies and clips of conversation over a half-walled office landscape Shedding the numbing now with it’s email insistence and false fire drill pleas beakoning about broken files or documentation […]