Here, sitting in my cube trying to be, still here, just here, still and quiet with the Grateful Dead “Don’t murder me, I beg of you don’t murder me, please don’t murder me” Trying to do, here, nothing here, but listen, shut out inside  voice, emails there and their instant messages. “I was born in the desert […]


Let sounds drip from finger tips onto guitar sting or keys on a board a slow soft arpeggio or pounding drums it doesn’t matter what just create some noise.  

Death Metal

The crunching chug – a – chug – a chug overdriven guitars massage earphoned ear drums keeping perfect one two three four repetition timed with bottom dropping big bass kick drums pounding alongside screaming slinky string solos punched periodically with throat ripping growls and grunts an odd instrument in itself completes the final assualt

Coming Forth — A Tribute to the Band “Slint”

Slow slithering lines meander leaving breadcrumbs of ideas behinds as they slowly work to a sudden stark shattering and climb slowly back down into a quiet contemplation before slashing raw again the slow slight peacefulness with jarringly sharp edges of middle-class bent anger and suburban frustrations boiling always just below the surface of everything just […]

The Long Commute

Hey all, I mentioned in my last post I was posting a new song soon.  Here it is!  The new song!  It’s more an audio experiment than a ‘song’, but I think it’s pretty cool.  Something different than the poetry I normally post.

Season — Augmented Spoken Word

Hey all, Check out my spoken word work:     For those that like to read along:           Spring   Broken brown bits,  crisp crumbles of last year’s green and several dozen types of leaves, crust over spring growth. Like asthmatic ash from Vesuvius Killing whole swathes of grass roots and […]

Pittie Man — A Song about a Dog

  This song was written about our pitbull named Petey– he’s kinda of nut job, but a lovable nut job and we suspect he has dealings in high finance somehow….*don’t ask, inside joke* Either way, my wife suggest I take a line I would sing to him now and again to the “Nowhere Man”.  So I […]

Caught — On a musical Experiment

This a poem, primary about a song I am working on (which you can hear here ), but also about thoughts in general. Caught like a question forming itself into a firm shape to be quickly kicked sidewalks off kilter then smeared slightly until obscured behind itself it peeks through then hides amongst the grey caught until […]

Exploring Layers of Sound

Hey all — check out my newest musical project!  It’s an exploration of different effects applied to a signal piano line and layered on top of each other….how quickly it goes from a slightly discordant piano playing, to barely recognizable sounds back to piano… Lemme know your thoughts.

Psychedelic guitar work with computer help!

Added another song to sound cloud, check it out….not the best a really high volume.  It’s pretty shrill in areas, I gotta figure out how to pull that out a bit. But it’s a full song…I will probably work on it more and remove and re-add versions to sound cloud but this is my work […]