a glade of used water glasses surround Burrito bit blanketed dinner plates dirty from last night last minute TV time feeding flanked by a large blue bowl – one of set — redolent of her meal — dehydrated snakelike raman noodles and Monday’s night’s frying pan, flecks of cheese fried on from homemade quesadilla night, […]

August Fishing

Diamond tipped and gentle waves calmer with distance from a long passed boat lick the sides of the pontoons below the our boat’s deck make rhythmic smacking sounds like a host of giant lemon-soured lips Four bobbers slip up and down on the same, now broken, waves dipping shortly under water giving the illusion of a […]

Break of Day — A Poem about Waking Up

Heavy earth smell of coffee stretches in the morning stillness in a groggy sleep addled house A dog’s impatient whine paces the space between sleep and awake becoming another element of your dream An angry alarm shatteringly screams As glassy dream fragments disappear into layers of blind filtered sun Drowsing dust motes lazily drift along […]