Two Gardens In One

  Raindrops slowly sprinkle down from vigorously climbing prairie rose, petals liberally sprouted from barbed branches fifteen-foot long and bound, arrow straight, to wood pergula posts with hemp twine after much spearing and shredding of amateur gardener uncovered arms and naked legs–a very real protest– against being man-handled and made to follow a particular path […]


Shameless Self-Promotion

I know I mostly post about poetry, my music, and other arts, but I also do what I consider a different form of poetry, gardening.  A finely constructed garden is like a poem or a perfect painting.  There’s a musical element even, in the rhythms of the flow of plans in the breeze.  It all […]

Junta — A Poem about a Gardner’s War Against Weeds

Near garden’s front edge where grass was long ago tilled under is a wilderness without vegetable or lush lawn here militant insurgents stage their coup against gardeners purposefully plotting tendrils of green advance over into grass’ front-lines while simply occupying the bare unfortified tracts of naked garden space without opposition. Creeping Charlie digs in and […]