Feeling Conspicous

Pulling into the icy black top parking lot, I worked to stifle the irritating little tickle that I had the place wrong. Jabbing down that feeling that I had somehow looked it up incorrectly, or even confused the date, I pulled to a stop in the middle front row of park spaces.   I felt this […]

Let’s Explore — Doors

I have been thinking a lot about doors lately, and think I want explore doors as a concept in my writing over the next few days, or however long my fascination lasts…. They are so seemingly innocuous, but really anything could be behind them. They raise a lot of questions, when one thinks about them closely, such as: […]

Humor’s Rest Part 1 of ????

Mesphito and his army of minions, stood on the high hills to the west of the vast, and often divided, city of Humor’s Rest, They stood outlined by a fading blood red sunset. Humor’s Rest sprawled below Mesphito, split in two by a river running straight north and south, a lone central island sat empty […]


As some of you can tell, I have been writing most of my posts live — i.e. they aren’t poems I have polished or anything….just kinda write them and put them up…same thing with the fiction. That being said, I have been, and will, when the mood strikes, go back and re-write them and repost […]

The Meeting — Part 2 of ???

You can find the first part of this story, which is fiction, but educated by my real life experiences, lower in my posts.  Eventually I will compile them into their own page. Enjoy, Smiling1541. *********** The man opens the door and steps inside, nods to me and heads downstairs. He doesn’t look like an alcoholic […]

Meeting — Part 1 of ?? (Working title)

I pulled into the parking lot of the church, trying to stifle the tickle of a feeling that I wasn’t at the right place. There were only two other cars in the parking lot and they were empty. Granted, I was early — 15 minutes early. I have a habit of getting places early when […]

Dead Heat — Part 2 of ??

It was six o’clock before we got to the old cabin we were contracted to tear down. Located on the primarily undeveloped Little Foot Lake, the cabin –and the 100 acres of shore front property around it, were bought by some rich bitch couple from Chicago. Now they wanted to tear it down and build […]

Dead Heat — Part 1 of ?

It was hot outside that week. The dog days of August, they call it – yeah, seems about right. The air carried the kind of hot that plasters you to your sheets as you lie in bed struggling to sleep – even breathing makes you sweat. The air smelled stale, sick and sweet — like rotting compost, swamp water, and damp forest. The fan on my dresser, pointed directly at me, didn’t help. It only, momentarily, helped me catch my breath.

Old Poetry and Fiction

What do you all think?  Should I transcribe my really old (awful) poetry as posts on here?  What about old fiction, maybe break it up into daily chunks?  Some of the fiction is passable…:) Let me know, and I will follow suit!

On Being Surprised

Good morning (or whatever time it is when you are reading this). I wanted to take a quick time out from poetry and the A to Z Blog Challenge and just say the following: I am very surprised at the amount of the likes and followers I (though mostly my poetry) has garnered in the […]