Strawberry Root Weevil

Long snouted brownish black little weevils following no track traverse the great green plain From corner to window pane searching for what, god knows stopping quickly as if to dose it’s like a strange party for bugs and surely there are no drugs they just walk and dance along in our bathroom, where they belong


Searching for a Fix

Slouched forward, a face potentially slack of jaw illuminated in sickly grey in a glowing sheen of light thrown out in eyeball burning 60hz per second flashing images of celebs buried by their behavior or mega-superstar roll model athletes abusing their kids or spouses in elevators or drunken idiot frat boy sing song racisms recorded […]

Thoughts Bugs

Got that itch, that little tickle. At the base of the neck lower really, between the shoulders. Building there, festering and spreading Little microbes of feeling multiplying and burrowing under the skin. A seething mass putrid thought amoeba, pregnant with pain and old emotions. Trapped and trapping me looking for escape. Drugs numbed and drink […]