Balancing Academia with Art

My wife just recently started two new things in her life, one of which is a huge change to both of our lives (more of that in the main section of this blog). The second is something she has taken up as a means to cope with the first. The first thing she recently decide […]

Sailing on Emotions — A Poem about Struggles with Depression

   Rough waters wash over slick  wooden slivered edges Spilling frigid waters of fear and little pin-pricks of pain  to weary and numb worn limbs, in the deepening darkness of this emotional torrent,  meyself,  like a storm shaken life boat barely bouyant  sailing between swales, searching skies for signs  of an eventual end to  these sun shunned days.     ~~~~ […]

Bunnys and Blondes(?)

Okay…so maybe she’s not blond, but she could be…here are today’s attempts at drawing…both from the course books I have been working from.   I particularly like the bunny…and feel free to laugh…I am just learning.  

An Apple a Day

       As yet not red rounded curves Shakily skratched in paper pad perspective is a problematic though not matched one to one still not bad for having just begun   ~~~~   Here is the my post I should have done yesterday…it’s a poem and mysecond attempt at drawing something… I can actually […]

Setting New Challenges for Myself

Last month I participated in the  A to Z Challenge, posting a poem a day (sometimes more as the muse struck) that began with a letter of the alphabet–starting with “A” on April first, “B” on the second and so on and so forth. I found this to be an excellent method to impose deadlines […]