Floating on foam with a memory under cover of aviary clothes Pulled up just right to chin Laying on snoreless left side Preventing midnight elbowings adhesive strip stuck to nose Mean morning siren set to blow at the time it was told to go it’s screech bottled for now Two mutts curled on pillows running […]

Night — A Poem about (yup, you guessed it) Night

Dark nights snuff out dusky gunpowder skies dogs bark coded messages to each other, a sort of Morse Code “I see someone, I see someone” or “They won’t let me in, and I am cold” as darkness consumes their kenneled or chained world Children lie awake in crib and bunk bed gasping at queer sleepyland […]

A 10 Year Old Poem

I wrote this poem as after my first wife admitted to having an affair…oddly enough there was a kite stuck in the crab apple in front of our house that day…and that spawned this poem. An Image on News of Her Infidelity A kite in the tree the crab apple tree Want to get it […]