V is for … Variation

Through the leaves and tree – The cool full moon does not shine on me as I sit or maybe stand by the fire pit that is full of coals old and cold as the late September night and the coals also do not shine on …. Through the leaves and trees – the old […]

Dusk on Balsam Lake, WI

Sun surrenders and drops down in the water sky turns shades of fall foliage Muted rustling of leaves, laying in wait insects hold their breath A whisper of a storm tiptoes in the air A massive mirror, the lake a pebble tossed wouldn’t upset it’s calm. Even fish  admire it’s beauty and do not to […]

Figure of a Fire

A bed of coals sheets of ash not a place to rest or sleep combustible construction logs walls of heat a flammable home with flame fingers knuckles cracking reaching out seeking to burn or warms our bones