She Wears T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot reads across her back “Come in under this red rock” and wears it proudly and loudly a badge, a token, a talisman for striving ahead and leaving the old behind where it belongs the strong lines burned in black are what I read when she sleeps a reminder to me to always strive […]

Technical Difficults — really a PIBKAC error

Sorry about the confusion and double posts and stuff….my posts weren’t showing up on the reader, i think cuz I was playing with an external host and trying different things. Anyway, I said to hell it with and went straight WordPress, much easier and I reach all your fine folks, so you can (enjoy) read(ing) […]

Shameless Self-Promotion

I know I mostly post about poetry, my music, and other arts, but I also do what I consider a different form of poetry, gardening.  A finely constructed garden is like a poem or a perfect painting.  There’s a musical element even, in the rhythms of the flow of plans in the breeze.  It all […]

Balancing Academia with Art

My wife just recently started two new things in her life, one of which is a huge change to both of our lives (more of that in the main section of this blog). The second is something she has taken up as a means to cope with the first. The first thing she recently decide […]