Zephyr — A Poem about March Winds (that came in April this year).

Ruckus winds rustle up dust and pollen Much to my red-eyed stuffy nosed chagrin Blowing snow mold from greening grasses and picking up Spring’s pouring puddles placing them in soft slow cumulus clouds that patrol above like sentinels on watch over birds scouting for nesting real estate and us walking the recently unclothed yard hunting […]

Yutzes — A Poem about Crazy Pets and Thier Antics

The bright bell ring blings twice starting a pink skinned pitbull tizzy ‘a roo…a roo..” he whirls a dervish from his bed, from a sleep deep as dead cocking and tossing his head around seeking a source of the surprising sound that woke him from dreams of chases and squirrels or whatever the hell he […]

Xeric Reign — A Poem to Help You Appreciate a Rainy Day

Drowning in dry dust deep rasp-like breathes burning beak and trashing throat to point of closing on rainless August afternoons with lawn long ago browned the soil, mostly sand, naked to hot high pressure front winds whipping up small dust devils in bare fields that plaster particles of sand to sweat soak on skin exposed […]

V is for … Variation

Through the leaves and tree – The cool full moon does not shine on me as I sit or maybe stand by the fire pit that is full of coals old and cold as the late September night and the coals also do not shine on …. Through the leaves and trees – the old […]

U is for…. Under Where?

Under where – secrets hidden await the eyes of the old man sitting in the park creepily on a bench outside a tennis court waiting for a glimpse be it of frill or a lace or maybe a flash of flesh from someone less inhibited and maybe just a little naughty. ~~~~~~~~ Was tasked once, […]

The Trail — A Poem about Enjoying Late Fall Nature

Walking in waist to shoulder Frost crowned grass standing Silent, still, and stiff the first to thaw and dry in the weak late year sun A forest within the forest On a frozen November morning Hard rutted truck tracks, Tread design clearly visible Like dinosaur footprints Serve as finely fossilized records Of slick rain soaked […]

S is for…Struggling to Stay Sober

couldn’t Sleep last night heater clicking clock ticking in Time with shaking endless images inside eyelids cunts, cocks electronics, swirling Chaos distracting gut wrenching brow clenching sweat and Alcohol stink and sting taste of beer smell of lavender bugs crawl on skin that is crawling yearning to be touched soothed, helped, fucked, tucked in to […]

Ravaged — A Poem about Last Year’s Baggage

Broken brown bits and crisp crumbles of last year’s green and several dozen types of leaves, crust over spring growth. Like asthmatic ash from Vesuvius Killing whole swathes of grass roots and all, thier blades useless reducing lawn to soil and mold A graveyard of a landscape ripe for the visagoth weeds and hordes of […]

Qualm — A Poem about Depression and Writing Poetry

Brain-locked and feeling blue Hunting for well wrought words that aught to freely flow forth and normally come tumbling out of active mind into screen nice and clean all wrapped up, But these are dirty and battered Forced and fucked with, ill-fitting like a pieces of a puzzle pounded in place, pried apart and pasted […]