falling over and down into the severely stark edges of dusty old cold shadows that stretch out loosely from dark corner spaces in gravely shaded rooms producing lacerations and bruises on bruises as blackened barbs catch sleep shrouded shin skin naked unarmored arms on the way to midnight ritual of quick snacking or full bladder relieving.


Fresh Snow

Fresh white sheet on a newly made bed smooth and featureless save for lonely large prints meandering wild and drunkenly toward a far and distant darkening thick woods shrouded in evening light where prints quickly dissolve among shadows like thoughts caught between awake and asleep

Spring Emotions

Rich rain smell scent of melting snow Usher departure of deep rooted frost saturated bedding for browned blades grass loose-rooted gently nudged awake by sun’s growing fever. I, long asleep, winter wrapped, reach tired arms, achingly, toward you, toward your warmth, to melt deeply rooted frosts of anger and loosely rooted spears of fear

The Long Commute

Hey all, I mentioned in my last post I was posting a new song soon.  Here it is!  The new song!  It’s more an audio experiment than a ‘song’, but I think it’s pretty cool.  Something different than the poetry I normally post.

Depressed and feeling it.

Sorry to anyone that faithfully follows or looks forward to my new poems (is there anyone like that?), as I haven’t been really “with it” since I last had a spate of inspiration.  Since then I have kinda swung into a depressive state and my productivity all around is a bit lacking. Anyone with major depression or […]

Strawberry Root Weevil

Long snouted brownish black little weevils following no track traverse the great green plain From corner to window pane searching for what, god knows stopping quickly as if to dose it’s like a strange party for bugs and surely there are no drugs they just walk and dance along in our bathroom, where they belong


Floating on foam with a memory under cover of aviary clothes Pulled up just right to chin Laying on snoreless left side Preventing midnight elbowings adhesive strip stuck to nose Mean morning siren set to blow at the time it was told to go it’s screech bottled for now Two mutts curled on pillows running […]

Fire Drill At Work

Everyone run! It’s all broken. Time to let fly accusations and indulge in incriminations cuz something surely ain’t right and the real fault is no one’s but some body is going to be held to task for this steaming pile of festering ineptitude fostered by management who’s touch is no where to be found down […]