Depressed and feeling it.

Sorry to anyone that faithfully follows or looks forward to my new poems (is there anyone like that?), as I haven’t been really “with it” since I last had a spate of inspiration.  Since then I have kinda swung into a depressive state and my productivity all around is a bit lacking. Anyone with major depression or […]

Let’s Explore — Doors

I have been thinking a lot about doors lately, and think I want explore doors as a concept in my writing over the next few days, or however long my fascination lasts…. They are so seemingly innocuous, but really anything could be behind them. They raise a lot of questions, when one thinks about them closely, such as: […]

Time is funny thing….

There are few things I like more than seeing the ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ pile up after I post poems, fiction, or just stuff.  Not because I want to have hundreds of followers, or need the ‘likes’ to validate my existence….but because it is represents another connection with someone I have never met. Through writing, reading, critiquing we can connect where otherwise we never would […]


As some of you can tell, I have been writing most of my posts live — i.e. they aren’t poems I have polished or anything….just kinda write them and put them up…same thing with the fiction. That being said, I have been, and will, when the mood strikes, go back and re-write them and repost […]

Technical Difficults — really a PIBKAC error

Sorry about the confusion and double posts and stuff….my posts weren’t showing up on the reader, i think cuz I was playing with an external host and trying different things. Anyway, I said to hell it with and went straight WordPress, much easier and I reach all your fine folks, so you can (enjoy) read(ing) […]

Notes from Smiling1541….

Hey all, I have been exploring Buddhism and generally working toward an improved outlook on life, with therapy and all and figured Angry1541 wasn’t the best name I could use.  So, as I have been smiling a lot lately, I figured….okay…Smiling1541 it is. Same site, same everything, new URL and what not….enjoy! ~smiling

Shameless Self-Promotion

I know I mostly post about poetry, my music, and other arts, but I also do what I consider a different form of poetry, gardening.  A finely constructed garden is like a poem or a perfect painting.  There’s a musical element even, in the rhythms of the flow of plans in the breeze.  It all […]

On Being Surprised

Good morning (or whatever time it is when you are reading this). I wanted to take a quick time out from poetry and the A to Z Blog Challenge and just say the following: I am very surprised at the amount of the likes and followers I (though mostly my poetry) has garnered in the […]

Going to try some fiction

I want very badly to attempt to write fiction again — and I think I am at place where I can do that now. So, starting I am going to start posting some fiction — even if it just a short paragraph.  It’ll give me something to strive, write a little each day on a […]