tripping deeply a proverbial big toe caught on something unseeable like jet black stone on dark path at night and being unseen, remaining unknowable, like the vague face of a passerby calling out your name while your steady powers of facial recall fail to produce a name and draw into doubt the idea that you really ever knew […]

Petals – A Re-write

Petals once — dead — once not but — red — Hanging once — crisp — once in a while — falling — to the naked floor — once — a still rose — rests — still erect in a — vase — with water still – milky — brown, smelling — sweet — like an dry old rose — still — red-like […]

Death Metal

The crunching chug – a – chug – a chug overdriven guitars massage earphoned ear drums keeping perfect one two three four repetition timed with bottom dropping big bass kick drums pounding alongside screaming slinky string solos punched periodically with throat ripping growls and grunts an odd instrument in itself completes the final assualt

Rise and Fall

The long hard gradual awakening remnant of a bruised slumber peels and rends like dry burned skin leaving charred sheets burdened with little tears of yesterday in small pools clinging fast making small salt edged circles on the fading woodwork of old memories


These damned dirty demons haunt prowling dreams and waking thoughts visions of yesterday and days past images furious and breakneck fast lies of good and simple pleasures false idols of slothful lazy leisure

And You Said

and you said you couldn’t stop because it was cunning, and baffled you just kept right on despite the wife packed up one foot out the front door kids, midnight sleepy-eyed dragged to cold running car that’s not me, though, that’s you, and not my pathetic story about your weakness and you said you couldn’t stop after berating […]

August Fishing

Diamond tipped and gentle waves calmer with distance from a long passed boat lick the sides of the pontoons below the our boat’s deck make rhythmic smacking sounds like a host of giant lemon-soured lips Four bobbers slip up and down on the same, now broken, waves dipping shortly under water giving the illusion of a […]

Coming Forth — A Tribute to the Band “Slint”

Slow slithering lines meander leaving breadcrumbs of ideas behinds as they slowly work to a sudden stark shattering and climb slowly back down into a quiet contemplation before slashing raw again the slow slight peacefulness with jarringly sharp edges of middle-class bent anger and suburban frustrations boiling always just below the surface of everything just […]

She Wears T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot reads across her back “Come in under this red rock” and wears it proudly and loudly a badge, a token, a talisman for striving ahead and leaving the old behind where it belongs the strong lines burned in black are what I read when she sleeps a reminder to me to always strive […]

Signs in Florence

Unexplored streets invite curious minds a combination of ancient and modern walking in Medici’s steps down Piazza della Republica past bastions of capitalism seemingly out of place in the old old buildings heading toward Ponte Vecchio across the river to shop in shops filled with tchotchke and turning right instead of left we wander uphill past houses old, […]