August Fishing

Diamond tipped and gentle
waves calmer with distance
from a long passed boat
lick the sides of the pontoons
below the our boat’s deck
make rhythmic smacking sounds
like a host of giant lemon-soured lips

Four bobbers slip up and down
on the same, now broken, waves
dipping shortly under water
giving the illusion of a bite
but recovering, resurface and stay
like red-orange shallow water buoys
warning even the fish to stop

Boring bobbers, with no fish to bite
all but useless on a shining sun
drenched late lazy afternoon
an excuse really for fisherman
to snooze on deck chairs
with A Prairie Home Companion
on the radio playing quietly

A lone daring loon rises close
one fisherman gives a lazy whistle
to which the birds cocks its head
and dives for more bait fish
a sign that bigger fish are near
regardless of whether they bite
the fisherman don’t really care.