Signs in Florence

Unexplored streets invite curious minds
a combination of ancient and modern
walking in Medici’s steps down Piazza
della Republica past bastions of capitalism
seemingly out of place in the old old buildings
heading toward Ponte Vecchio across
the river to shop in shops filled with tchotchke
and turning right instead of left we wander
uphill past houses old, but well cared for
flowers in windows, deep seated front doors
build into thick stone walls, sturdy construction
nothing pre-fab here, save for the Honda
parked at an incline in the driveway
and she asks if we are lost, I respond
“I don’t know, are we?”, and we walk
until as her anger builds within her
and we find ourselves on hill over-
looking the city and she’s says
“We are lost!”, I shrug  “How do we
get back?” she worries “Who cares,
just look at that?” I pause, she starts
her angry red walk downhill “You need
to grow up, I don’t think this is going
to work.  This, maybe,  was a mistake…”
she’s very mad,  “getting married”.
I follow her down the hill wandering
back into town, following street names
signs built into bricks on corner of building
until we get back to our honeymoon hotel room.
This is day five.

I started with the first line and it brought to mind an experience travelling with my ex (that’s probably evident).  The story is basically true…