Two Gardens In One


Weedy Garden

Raindrops slowly sprinkle down
from vigorously climbing prairie
rose, petals liberally sprouted
from barbed branches fifteen-foot
long and bound, arrow straight, to
wood pergula posts with hemp twine
after much spearing and shredding
of amateur gardener uncovered arms
and naked legs–a very real protest–
against being man-handled and made
to follow a particular path of growth.

Raindrops that continue to roll down
into the red-tinted bed of wood-mulch
Where ditch lilies lull petals opened
throwing sweet scent into rosie shade
Carpeted with weeds, gardener-ignored
and growing in masses here and there
Creeping Charlie stretching it’s arms
in large a patch of parching sunshine
Purple drooping bellflowers unflowered
stab up among Spirea careless and wild
tangled up with edible Creeping Christian
aka Scurvy Weed with it pretty blue petals
and punctuated by bright yellow dandelions.


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