A Study in Alluvial Science in the Gutter Out Front

Cold clean clear rivulets of a long past snow storm

run a crooked line merging, diverging and merging

around a bottle cap–a barren flat topped manmade island–

or grains of sands that tumble like boulders in glacial run off

collecting and creating countless drumlins in miniature

chunks of shovel loosed grass form dense archipelagos

near a vast waterfall falling fast from a sheer concrete cliff

increasing the current and widening the flow as it merges again

and diverges through a metal sluice pouring into a larger stream

underground flowing and increasing with more and more streams

until after many days ending up joining the torrential currents of

the upper Mississippi and flowing south to Gulf of Mexico and the sea.


2 thoughts on “A Study in Alluvial Science in the Gutter Out Front

  1. I have watched the glacial run off and alluvial plains build on my driveway. They build memories and connections.

    beautiful composition. Very effective use of imagery and extended metaphor.

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