Pittie Man — A Song about a Dog


This song was written about our pitbull named Petey– he’s kinda of nut job, but a lovable nut job and we suspect he has dealings in high finance somehow….*don’t ask, inside joke*

Either way, my wife suggest I take a line I would sing to him now and again to the “Nowhere Man”.  So I went for it.  As you can tell I am not much of singer…or at least not a very practiced singer as this first thing I have ever sang…sung….singed (whatever).

So here ya go, enjoy :

Pittie Man!


He moves really slow

Cuz he has no cares

Wearin an oversized shirt

Cuz he’s got no hairs


He’s the pittie man

Doin things pitties can

Has a pittie plan

Written in color crayon

Don’t know how he wrote

Cuz he’s got no thumbs

And when he eats his chow

He leaves lots of crumbs


Ask him anything

Like what do you think

And you’ll hear him sing

Bout blub financial things


Free form


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