Vacation Shadenfreude

Strangely, or not, I find I am inexplicably drawn to and fascinated by

The guilty pleasures of watching daytime Schadenfreude programs

I can’t help but loudly and laughingly call out the confessing cheaters

Or the gender bending lovers taking lie-detector tests proving fidelity

Or taking paternity tests because baby daddy and baby mama thinks

The kid don’t look like him, the baby mama cheated and don’t know

Who IS the baby daddy until she hears Maury announce, “So and so…

You ARE the father!” then chaos ensues, with baby mama screaming

Baby daddy running off-stage in supposed rage or hopefully shame

As the crowd flashes shock face, erupting in boos, jeers and laughs

10 am is Jerry Springer, while if I were at work 10 am is a meeting

11 am is Maury, at work I would be pouring over some document

It’s hard, sometimes, to tell if lazy TV vacation time beeter spent

Than the even the most productive and yet stressful day at work.


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