Let’s Explore — Doors

I have been thinking a lot about doors lately, and think I want explore doors as a concept in my writing over the next few days, or however long my fascination lasts….

They are so seemingly innocuous, but really anything could be behind them. They raise a lot of questions, when one thinks about them closely, such as:

  • What are they keeping out?
  • What are they keeping in?
  • Who’s behind them?
  • What those on the other side doing?
  • Why are they shutting me (and possibly you) out?
  • Why are some locked?
  • Why do some have really big, heavy duty locks? What does that say?
  • Why do some have no locks at all?
  • Why are some propped open, seemingly inviting entry?

There’s so much to write about doors.

Let’s see if we can’t get a writing theme going around doors in the reader.

Post your exploration of doors in writing, and let each comment and critique each others — think of it as community building exercise for WordPress writers.

I will post my first exploration tonight, after I get home, close some doors, open others and like mental doors to creativity, and after my chores of course….*sigh*

If people want to do this, maybe start their posts with Let’s Explore — Doors — <Title of Post>? 

Not sure how that will work to tie these all together (if a lot of us try this).  I think this could be a really fun way to connect and explore a common theme in our writing — if anyone is willing?    If not, it’ll be just me…




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