Time is funny thing….

There are few things I like more than seeing the ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ pile up after I post poems, fiction, or just stuff.  Not because I want to have hundreds of followers, or need the ‘likes’ to validate my existence….but because it is represents another connection with someone I have never met.

Through writing, reading, critiquing we can connect where otherwise we never would have.

So, it’s like birds of a feather flocking together….I follow you, you follow me and we create a great mass of interconnectedness….

And Smiling1541 blathers on….time is a funny thing, I wish I could post daily, and connect to so many more people, but given work and everything else….those connections have to wait…

So hello and welcome to all I have connected, don’t be strangers, critique my stuff, I will critique yours, comments, discuss….and I will do more….time permitting….but time is a funny thing…it sorta drags on now, and then flies away at others….funny….one can never peg down time really.



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