Haiku Heaven/Hell

I find it amazing, and maybe a bit disappointing, how many poems posted on poetry blogs are haikus.

First of all, a lot of haikus sound forced as it’s such a gentle and difficult form in which to write really GOOD poetry. I certainly can claim absolutely no mastery over ANY form of poetry, but in particular the haiku.

I really really wish, and challenge, poets to write in different forms–either formal forms or free verse, but LESS haiku’s please!?!

This might anger some people that write only haiku’s but in particular you should try to branch out…don’t limit yourself!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enough ranting! I just wanna read more poetry and more varied forms and content!

Thanks all,


***EDIT*** After a comment, I figured I should add that I like poetry in a forms, but I have a hard believing that people can’t express themselves in longer more in depth forms….not to take away from art in any way.


16 thoughts on “Haiku Heaven/Hell

  1. A good rant is necessary at times! I think people should write what they feel, wherever that takes them!

      1. I also agree! In short, poetry is an art form, it’s supposed to be creative, individual, freeing..

      2. Was hoping to maybe spur people to try something new and branch out…figured i’d get a few comments as well…:)

        Thanks for the discussion though…I love these types of convos.

      3. I normally don’t like to write like HarshReality on here….intentionally controversial, but today I had just read too many haikus — haha…and getting a convo going is never a bad thing.

        Dialogue is good.

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