To the Few, The Proud, the ones suffering from ear-bleed….

T0 all of you have checked out my music over the last few days, and maybe even some of you checked out some of my other posts — thinking I am gonna start incorporating my poetry as spoken word tracks in the background of some of my electronic songs….not rapping, just speaking them.

Anyway, I meant to say thank you, I know it’s not easy to listen someone that just starting out.  I am super proud of my work, even if it sounds like that of an amateur….there’s a reason for that, I am an amateur.  However, I can see a clear progression from the first two and the third.

I am working on a new song right now, but I can’t get the drums the way I want…need to find a good sequence plugin that is similar to cakewalks sequencer view.  Anyone know of one?

All the same — thanks,



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