An Apple a Day



An Apple a Day


 As yet not red rounded curves
Shakily skratched in paper pad
perspective is a problematic
though not matched one to one
still not bad for having
just begun




Here is the my post I should have done yesterday…it’s a poem and mysecond attempt at drawing something… I can actually see appreiciable improvements since the day before.  🙂   I know, for many of you, these drawings look like a 10 year old did them, please keep in mind, I haven’t drawn since I was probably that age…so I am completely new to drawing…


Below are my other drawings of the day.   The first  is another attempt at the spoon in my previous post — while I still don’t have the curve down to the ‘bowl’ of the spoon quite figured out, I think I am getting the perspective of the top away portion of the handle versus the nearer portion.

Getting a hang of handle perspecitves


The next image is a salt shaker, all three items are part of a book course on drawing.  The only critique I can give myself, as a true drawing begginer (which means I am easy on myself))  is that I made the shaker taller than what was shown in the book, but otherwise I am pretty happy with it.


Second Attempt at Salt Shaker


Thanks for reading — and as always:





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