Setting New Challenges for Myself

Last month I participated in the  A to Z Challenge, posting a poem a day (sometimes more as the muse struck) that began with a letter of the alphabet–starting with “A” on April first, “B” on the second and so on and so forth.

I found this to be an excellent method to impose deadlines for myself, which (and I know I am not alone in this) is something I need in order to actually complete a project.  Without a deadline, I will put whatever self-directed project I am working on indefinitely.  Thus, an event like the A to Z Challenge really served as something I felt I had to complete (my wife helped too, in prodding me on days I didn’t feel the flow).

So, after completing of month of poem, I am going do the same with drawing, with that caveat that I can’t draw.  I realize reading a blog about some dude trying to learn to draw might be a bit boring for some of you, soooo…I will also drop in a random poem now and then between images of my attempts at drawing.  Maybe I will even marry the two ideas and work a poem into my drawing.

Maybe seeing me progress from knowing nothing about drawing to being somewhat competent after a month will be interesting and provide inspirations for others to attempt to learn a new skill and blog about it.   If so, great!  Lemme know so I can follow your blog and progress.

Here is my image of attempts at drawing a spoon, an apple, and a salt shaker.  Each of these were an exercise in a book my wife’s mother gave us, which I am going to try to use (along with other resources) to teach myself how to draw.


My ultimate goal is to eventually be able to draw well enough to write my own graphic novel (actually, I have ideas for a number of them).  The idea of learning this how to write a graphic novel is exciting as it marries my love of images with my love of writing.

So, let’s consider today’s post as May’s A to Z Challenge, day -1.

Thanks for reading,



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