Yutzes — A Poem about Crazy Pets and Thier Antics

The bright bell ring blings twice
starting a pink skinned pitbull tizzy
‘a roo…a roo..” he whirls a dervish
from his bed, from a sleep deep as dead
cocking and tossing his head around
seeking a source of the surprising sound
that woke him from dreams of chases and
squirrels or whatever the hell he dreams of
‘a roo…a roo…” he wails waking the lab
also dead asleep, creating a chorus cry
and a capella aria, songs of alarm
and excited expectation “a roo…a roo…”,
loosely translated is “Who’s here? Who’s Here?”,
which continues even after we repeatedly
calmly explain it was on the tube of boobing,
you yutz!


As we get near to the end…though I’d add a little leavity to my poems…this poem is something that occurs nightly in our house…

Hope it makes you smile..



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