On Being Surprised

Good morning (or whatever time it is when you are reading this).

I wanted to take a quick time out from poetry and the A to Z Blog Challenge and just say the following:

I am very surprised at the amount of the likes and followers I (though mostly my poetry) has garnered in the last month. I would never have thought I’d be around 60 followers in a month, or even a year to be honest. So, thank you everyone that reads, follows, and/or likes what I write. I will keep it up if you do. And don’t be stranger’s, critique away at my poems and other writings. That’s why I post them, to hear from you and what you do and do not like.

Also, please don’tbe offended if I periodically jump in commenting one of your pieces. If I can give, I can get…

On a related note:

It would be great to build a little online poetry/fiction blogging community to critique and discuss other’s writing, similar to the classes I am sure many of us had (or are in now) in college or HS — call it:

A Writer’s Blogger Collective

Let me know if you are interested and i will see about spinning up something/somehow that allows us to do something like in a more organized fashion. A poetry/fiction message forum to help each other become better at our crafts.

Again, thanks for the plesant reception, and I hope to hear from you soon.



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