The Place — A Poem about Contradictions and Paradoxes

There is a place all have been that is as dark as it is light
and justice rewards the wrong just as the right
where diamonds are as worthless as is slate
and all love resides hand in hand with hate
where two plus two can indeed equal three
where this no difference between you and me
where wakefulness is the just the same as sleep
and the shallows are as bottomless as the deep

There is a place where one can find the power to crush a mountain
and one can find the fables youth giving fountain
where one can find the singularities in the teeming masses
and one can find the infinite geometry in a pile of ashes
where one can find the maturity of a young child
and on can find the civility in places that seem mostly wild
where one can find the soul as seen through everyone’s eyes
this place is the cradle in which all imagination lies.

This is a very old poem I wrote back as a freshman in college, maybe even earlier. Rather abstract and extremely different than my current style. But it also reflects the ideals and optimism of a freshman in a creative writing program.

Time Capsule time….for sure.


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