Recurring Childhood Nightmare.

A childhood nightmare
that rewinds itself every so often
standing in the lot
of some nowhere diner

Parent’s stopped
before your pained bladder
emptied on the coffee stained
worn out 67 chevy impala
bench backseat

Too much A+W Rootbeer
from a grandmother who gave you
another can because she
didn’t have to ride
180 miles home with you.

A childhood nightmare
repeated every now
and then in deep recess
of early hours sleep
scared in the lot
of some anywhere diner

A big beat up rusted pick up
truck idling with headlights like
any sick yellow eyes
mad and menacing
something out of a King novel

and the parents aren’t waiting
patiently for you to come out
of somewhere diner a quickly
as you went in, they aren’t anywhere.


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